• National Weather Service closely monitoring changing flood conditions

    By: Mike Holden


    PITTSBURGH - Flooding fears are growing as more rain moves in.

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    Severe Weather Team 11 is monitoring the latest threats, on Channel 11 Morning News -- starting at 4:30 a.m.

    Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted and warned residents of the flood threat in part, saying, "We are preparing for severe flooding. Worst since Hurricane Ivan in 2004."

    It's already starting, as the 10th Street Bypass closed Thursday night and will continue to be closed indefinitely, because of the threat of flooding.

    Channel 11 went inside the local National Weather Service's command center.  


    Pittsburgh city leaders are making emergency plans.

    "We're expecting another 2-4 inches of rain over the next two to three days and that won't just be in our local area here," said Mike Fries, a meteorologist with the NWS.

    The city of Pittsburgh is taking no chances ahead of what may be a dangerous weather weekend.

    City officials say severe flooding is in the forecast, expected to be the worst since Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

    Roadways could wash away and landslides are likely.

    River waters aren't expected to recede anytime soon.

    Meteorologists over at the National Weather Service are watching the forecasts and waiting.

    "The chances are we are going to get a lot of rain and that the water level at the point will come up from where it has been now," Fries said.


    Meteorologists at the NWS are expecting the 'bathtub' and several other much traveled roadways to flood.

    He says plan ahead, prepare for the worst and use extreme caution.

    "If there's running water, don't go into it.  Don't drive across it," Fries said.

    At 25 feet, the 'bathtub' area of the Parkway floods and at 28 feet, the Wood Street T station is impacted.



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