Navigating COVID-19, getting people back to Washington County courthouse

WASHINGTON, Pa. — The COVID-19 pandemic brought foot traffic at the Washington County courthouse to a minimum for months. With court cases resuming, however, it’s almost back to business as usual.

Officials told Channel 11 that when there’s jury duty, there can be upwards of 600 people coming through the front doors.

There are new security measures when getting in the door, including new bins and screening procedures.

“Our deputies are in charge of screening and greeting, enforcing the mask mandates, providing directions at a time when all facets of business at the courthouse have increased drastically this year,” said Sheriff Samuel Romano. “We’re always trying to tweak and train. We have reevaluated the way we do screenings. If there is a better way to do it, we are all for it. We take the security at the courthouse very seriously.”

Officials said deputies went through a metal detector refresher course and they often turn people away who refuse to take off items or through the metal detector.