Nearly a dozen cats found dead, more missing in local neighborhood

MCKEES ROCKS, Pa. — Something disturbing is happening in McKees Rocks, where residents are worried someone is targeting and killing cats.

Residents of Frazier Street told Channel 11 nearly a dozen cats have been found dead.

The string of deaths started in February of 2017, when someone's family cat was shot and killed.

Since then, Channel 11 has learned, three more family cats have been shot and eight more have been found dead.


In July of last year, one owner came home from work and found her cat on their back porch with a gunshot wound. The cat ultimately had to be euthanized.

"These are people's cats. They treat them like they're a child. This person needs to stop," said Tristan Yoder of McKees Rocks.

All of the cats have been found in the same area of Frazier Street.

Neighbors are angry and scared that there could be someone purposely killing animals.

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"She went missing about two months ago. She's got out before but she always stayed close," said Mareena Burns, who has hung flyers all over the neighborhood.

She told Channel 11 she's received numerous calls, but none of the cats spotted turned out to be hers.

"I don't know if someone took her in or thinking the worst could have happened," Burns said.

Police in Stowe Township are aware of the situation, but told Channel 11 it's hard to catch the person without video of them harming the cats.