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Neighborhood battles with post office to get its mail

GREEN TREE, Pa. — A battle between people in a Carnegie neighborhood and the U.S. Postal Service is boiling over because they're suddenly not getting their mail.

Channel 11's Courtney Brennan got a tip from residents in Prestley Heights, between Collier Township and Carnegie, who said their mail is being held hostage at the Green Tree post office.

They said not only is it not being delivered, but if they come down here to get it, many times it's not sorted and they can't get it.

"Just this past week, I'm like, we haven't really gotten any mail for a while," Jeff Vermeire said, noting that the last piece of mail delivered to his Prestley Heights home was on May 2.

"They stopped delivery to our section only, the new section, and now they sort of have made a stink about all of it," Vermeire said.

This Carnegie development has townhouses with centralized mailboxes, and single-family homes with individual mailboxes.

Vermeire and his family have lived here and gotten mail for the past year. And then all of a sudden, no more mail. "They basically haven't been delivering mail because we don't have clustered mailboxes."


The Postal Service told Channel 11 that the original builder said there would be centralized mailboxes for this development, but that builder has since left the project. The Postal Service couldn't say what the catalyst was for stopping mail delivery to these homes, but said they are now working with the new builder to remedy the situation.

Vermeire said a remedy is desperately needed: "A couple people are waiting for prescriptions, somebody's waiting for an ID card to fill a prescription; like, we need our mail!"

The Postal Service told Channel 11 the developer is going to put in a centralized mailbox, and mail delivery should start again within a few days.