Neighbors fed up with inconsistent mail delivery

Neighbors fed up with inconsistent mail delivery

PITTSBURGH — People who live in Elliott are demanding action from the U.S. Postal Service after they say mail delivery has been sporadic and sometimes not at all.

Several people who spoke with Channel 11 say this has been an ongoing problem for more than a year.

Geno Donato said letter carriers skipped his home and neighbors on Rue Grande Avenue three times this week alone.

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This is a problem he's dealt with before.


“An $8,000 check, I never received it. We had to cancel it and they had to send it special delivery where you had to sign for everything. So we've had a lot of trouble with mail,” Donato said.

Monica Nickles, Lorenz Cafe co-owner, said she's dealt with plenty of issues as well.

Recently, a critical permit to keep her bar open was nearly lost in the mail.

“A couple hours later a customer came in and handed it back to us and said here, this ended up in my mailbox,” Nickles said.

Residents said they've repeatedly complained to the U.S. Postal Service but little has changed.

In an email response, USPS spokesman Tad Kelley said they're not aware of any issues.

"Each customer’s concern is very important to us and we work to correct issues for our customers’ satisfaction," Kelley said.

Kelley also released the following statement:

“We apologize for any poor service these residents have experienced and appreciate this being brought to our attention. We strive daily for accurate, correct and timely delivery and will continue to do so.”

Residents said they've made repeated calls to the Green Tree post office but little has changed.