• Neighbors protest colorful art installation in North Side

    A work of art is causing some concern for neighbors of the Mattress Factory.
    "You'll see this kind of beautiful concrete platform with glass all around it,” said museum co-director Michael Olijnyk said of artist James Turrell’s “Skyspace” piece. 


    The installation would involve building a platform over the entire parking lot and then putting the building that houses “Skyspace” on a corner of that platform. 
    "The whole piece is 37 feet, so it's no bigger than a house around the neighborhood," Olijnyk said. "There are 85 of these in the world. Only 12 of them are public so this would be No. 13."
    The installation would have seats and interior lighting, but neighbors aren’t impressed.
    At a zoning meeting about the artwork, neighbors expressed concern about its size, the lighting and the possibility of more traffic nearby. All concerns the museum is taking seriously.
    “We’re completely in tune. It’s not going to be too bright,” said Olijnyk. “We’re concerned about parking. We’re concerned about events. We follow all of the rules we’re supposed to follow in a residential neighborhood.”
    The piece of art is worth a million dollars.
    If the zoning variance is approved, the installation likely won't open to the public until sometime next year. 



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