Local home mistakenly shot up with baby sleeping inside after incident at bar, police say

House shot up with baby sleeping inside

NEW CASTLE, Pa. — Nearly a dozen rounds were fired into a New Castle home, narrowly missing a three-month-old baby sleeping.

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But police said this house was not the intended target; the shooters fired at the wrong one.

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Ronald Baughman was ripped from sleep when someone shot up his house early Monday morning.

Bullets were sprayed across his home, several near the couch Baughman was sleeping on.

His fiancé was upstairs getting ready for work when the shooting started. When she came down to see what happened, Baughman and the three-month-old child were taking cover by the couch.

The couple told Channel 11 that mix-up nearly killed them and their child.

Police believe that the suspect thought somebody else was living in that house, and that an earlier incident at a bar prompted the shooting.

Investigators said they do have leads on a suspect, but no arrests have been made at this point.