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New evidence connects Butler woman's boyfriend to her murder

Missy Barto's family was in court Tuesday for the hearing against her former boyfriend.

“We have to be here, but it's hard to be here, I have my whole family surrounding me,” said Ryan Barto, Missy’s brother.

Almost two months ago, Ryan Barto's only sister and his father's only daughter was murdered. The details in the case got graphic very quickly.

Police say Ishemer Ramsey, Melissa's boyfriend killed her out of jealousy, shot her in his car, tried to cover up the crime by taking out the passenger seat and wiping it all down with bleach. In court Tuesday, troopers said he enlisted friends to buy red rope, a tarp and gloves.


They say Ramsey moved her body to Lawrence County where he burned it. Investigators testified they found her, along with red rope, four days after she went missing.

“We're not at that stage yet to determine (if we will seek the death penalty) but we are looking into it,” said Richard Goldringer, Butler County District Attorney.

“Everything they have is hearsay,” said Blaine Jones, Ramsey’s attorney.

In the end, Dan Barto's child is dead and he wants to make sure something like this doesn't happen to anyone else.

“Watch your kids, be vigilant, know what they're up to, know who they are with,” Dan Barto said.


Ramsey's attorney is set on taking the case to trial.

The next hearing is in September.

Two other men are charged in this case and also had their hearings Tuesday.

One is accused of helping dispose of the body, the other accused of lending his car to move the body.

Those charges are moving forward, as well.