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Roach infestation has Westmoreland Co. Housing Authority scrambling

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. — Roaches are taking over the Parnassus Manor in New Kensington. It's a building operated by the Westmoreland County House Authority.

"They're in the hall, they're in the back room, they're in the laundry room, they're in the library room, there's dead ones on the floor," said resident Cindy McNeil.

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"I had a cockroach fall on me from the door jam," explained Kendra Fouse.

People living there said they are at their wits end.

"I can't live like that," said Jean Berube.

Residents said it started a few months ago and even though workers have been spraying baseboards with insecticide, the problem is still there.

People living in the building said this is not the first time they've dealt with a bug problem though. Residents said they've also had to deal with bed bugs.

The housing authority said inspections will be done next week and the agency will develop a plan which includes having a pest control company come back to the building. The agency said a meeting will be held next week on the cockroach issue.