New medical marijuana dispensary opens in Westmoreland Co.

New medical marijuana dispensary opens in Westmoreland Co.

GREENSBURG, Pa. — A new medical marijuana dispensary has opened in Greensburg as Gov. Tom Wolf said it was time to take a serious and honest look at legalizing recreational marijuana.

“There was a line out the door when I got here, lots of people waiting," said Lisa Johnson, one of the first ones in line Thursday morning. “I’m a makeup artist, so I use my hands a lot. So my pain doctor recommended medical marijuana.”

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The inside of the first medicinal marijuana dispensary in Greensburg was packed full when the doors opened to the public at 10 a.m.

Johnson told Channel 11 she was in a bad car accident two years ago, resulting in a nerve condition in her arm. She said this gives her a more natural alternative to pain pills.


“It’s amazing. It’s proven; its natural and there are no side effects. And I can maintain my normal standard of living," she said.

Most of the people we talked to said they have been commuting to the Pittsburgh locations, so they’re excited to have one closer to home.

“It saves on gas money going to Pittsburgh and the traffic and the parkway is closed down half the time," said Rocco Jannetti of Greensburg.

“We're really excited," said Sam Britz, chief operating officer of Solevo Wellness. "We know we have a base of about 1,500 patients in this area so this is a great partnership we did with Keystone Integrated. This is owned and operated by Keystone Integrated and Solevo is managing it."