New state regulations for salons could have big impact on brides

New state regulations for salons could have big impact on brides

New state regulations now have salons scrambling, having to cancel appointments with clients last minute, especially brides.

“It’s heartbreaking the whole way around and it’s definitely going to be a struggle moving forward especially for those who pushed their weddings into September,” said Gabby Westrom-Lieb, owner of Elle’s Beauty Bar In Cranberry Township.

Elle’s Beauty Bar was open for about a week when state regulations from the board of cosmetology came out on what can and cannot be performed.

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A big restriction is not allowing stylists to do hair outside of the salon.

“So we cannot go to a hotel suite to help a bride on her wedding day,” Westrom-Lieb said.

The owner tells me several of her clients who are brides can’t travel to her salon to get their hair done on their wedding day because they live an hour or more away.

“We are still able to do in-salon weddings but majority of people on their day want that big day in the hotel room getting ready in the morning it’s really kind of sad,” Westrom-Lieb said.

So unfortunately, she had to drop some of her clients.

Another big restriction impacting salons is any service that requires a client to remove their mask, like facials or lip waxing, is not permitted either.

“I do have a few friends who own salons and do facials. It’s pretty much taken away 75% of their business,” Westrom-Lieb said.

The owner said if they don’t follow these regulations, the state will pull their salon and personal license.

So in the meantime, they are not taking as many weddings and hope these restrictions are lifted soon. 

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