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No charges against pizza delivery driver who shot, killed man during robbery

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. — A pizza delivery driver in Beaver County will not be charged after shooting and killing a robbery suspect Thursday when he ambushed and attacked him.

It happened just before midnight along Second Avenue in Beaver Falls, police said.

Investigators told Channel 11 the pizza delivery driver had just dropped off a pizza at an apartment and was walking back to his car when the suspect, armed with a knife, ambushed him and tried to rob him.

Police said the suspect stabbed the delivery driver, who then grabbed a gun from inside his car and shot the suspect. The suspect was found dead on a stranger's porch several homes down.

Neighbor Amanda Blackwell heard the shot and rushed outside.

"Watched him call 911, went over to ask him if he was OK," she said. "He didn't know -- he told me to go back in the house til the cops came.


"You could see the wound -- it was about this big on his shoulder."

The driver was taken to the hospital with a stab wound to the arm. His injuries are serious, but he's in stable condition.

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Investigators have not released names of the victim or the suspect.

The delivery of the pizza was not connected to the robbery, police said.