• No decision from judge during hearing for man accused of trying to lure girl


    WASHINGTON CO., Pa. - A man accused of trying to lure a little girl into his car will have to wait to find out whether he will go back to jail because the judge did not make a decision during his bond hearing.

    Jan Ondra was arrested in June on suspicion of trying to lure a 10-year-old girl into his van in East Bethlehem Township. He got out on bail, which the district attorney's office asked for a hearing to revoke after the latest alleged incident of attempted child luring.

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    Ondra is not supposed to have any contact with any children after getting out of jail. However, he was questioned last month by North Strabane Township police about an incident at Towne Center Plaza, where Ondra allegedly offered candy to three children.

    Ondra's attorneys said there are two businesses with surveillance video that he wants the judge to see before making a decision.

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    One video is from Bethel Bakery, and the other is from West Penn Billiards – all within the same shopping complex in North Strabane Township.

    The defense argues that video directly contradicts the witnesses' timeline and sequence of events from the alleged incident in September.

    All three of those children from the September incident – two 11-year-olds and a 10-year-old – testified Thursday in court.

    Ondra admitted he was in the shopping complex at that time, but he said he was shopping in the thrift store. He testified that he had no interaction with them and never saw them before.



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