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North Allegheny Athletic Director explains how they plan to keep students safe amid COVID-19 surge

NORTH ALLEGHENY — It’s week two of high school football and so far, things are back to normal.

“Our student section was overflowing. People were coming in, cheerleaders, marching band, everything that goes with Friday night football,” explained North Allegheny Athletic Director Bob Bozzuto.

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But if COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our area, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said earlier this week that we will see cancellations of things like high school football games.

“We hope that’s not the case I think that’s why we are working very hard inside,” Bozzuto said.

So far, there’s been one COVID-19 case on the football team. Bozzuto said they are enforcing some COVID-19 measures already, like masking up on the bus for away games and not allowing locker rooms to be a hangout spot — just a changing area for players.

But we asked him — what if more measures are put in place again, like masks, social distancing and limiting fans?

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“Absolutely we will do our part. One of the things we did last year is we had limited attendance.”

Bozzuto said health and safety are their top priority but they’re doing everything they can to keep players on the field because it’s also vital for their mental health.

“As the president of the athletic directors association, we talk to athletic directors all across the state how important it is to try to get back to normal but be smart about it,” he said.

At this time, the WPIAL has no COVID-19 requirements for high school football games. Everything is left up to each school.