North Side man accuses neighbor of 'spying' on his family

Members of a North Side family said they are concerned for their safety after they said their neighbor is watching their every move.

Jerome Kennedy claims Bob Havrilla drilled holes in the walls of the home and watched him and his family through the ceiling vents.

Channel 11 asked Havrilla about the accusations, but he said he was only doing work at his house and was not spying on the family.



The issue started July 14 when Kennedy was home from work and his infant daughter was sleeping in her crib. Kennedy said he saw a flashlight shining down on the baby's crib. He said things became more unsettling when he saw drill holes in the mortar of the bricks in the living room.

Kennedy said he needed proof that someone was up to no good, so he installed a camera in a crawl space. The video shows a person who appears to be spying on the family.

Havrilla is charged with burglary, criminal trespass and stalking. He was in court Wednesday and is slated to go to trial. Stay with Channel 11 News and for continuing coverage.