Arrest warrants issued after a nursing home patient is hurt during fight

Arrest warrants issued after a nursing home patient is hurt after fight

McCANDLESS, Pa. — Police in McCandless have arrest warrants for two employees of a nursing home on Babcock Boulevard after a 75-year-old patient was shoved to the floor during an argument.

Police said a laundry attendant is charged with assault for allegedly pushing the patient to the floor, and a nurse's aide is charged with neglect after she allegedly left the patient alone for hours and waited to report the incident.

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Channel 11 has learned the patient was taken by ambulance to Passavant Hospital last week with chest injuries.

"He was pushed to the ground. There was a confrontation about 2 a.m. between laundry staff and himself and an aide," McCandless police Chief Dave DiSanti said.

The laundry attendant, Lily Asubonteng, is charged with aggravated assault. The aide, Amy Caporizzo, is charged with neglect of care.

"When we looked at it, you have an obligation to render aid and to report in a timely fashion when an individual is injured in any way shape or form," DiSanti said.

Attorney Phil DeLucente represents Grace Manor, and said the nursing home has been proactive since learning about what happened, even contacting 911 and the appropriate state agencies.

"I think having 13 years of a flawless record, which is pretty impossible to have today, speaks volumes," DeLucente said.