Off-duty officer shoots dog during attack in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — An off-duty Pittsburgh City police officer shot a dog after it attacked him while he was walking his own pet.

The incident occurred in the 3200 block of Middletown Road just after 6:30 a.m.

Officers responded after an off-duty Pittsburgh Police officer walking his dog was attacked by a loose pit bull. Police said the off-duty officer yelled at the dog to stay back, but it continued to come at him aggressively, and the officer shot the animal in paw. The dog ran back to his home in the same block, police said. The officer and his dog were not injured.

Animal Care and Control also responded and it was found that the owner of the pit bull did not have a proper permit or shots for the animal, and multiple citations will be filed, police said.

Joelea Henderson, who owns the pit bull, admits her dog does get loose a lot but she says he’s not dangerous.

“My neighbor that lives here actually called my niece and said that somebody was outside shooting at my dog. I jumped up and ran downstairs,” she said. “I came downstairs I opened my door my dog is here bleeding leaking all over my porch.”

Henderson thinks her dog Brownie, got loose while her kids were getting ready for school. She said the dog is injured, but will be okay.

Several neighbors reported they are afraid of the dog.

“My dog gets loose all the time. If the door is open and he is close enough he will definitely run right out the door so definitely the neighbors complain about him because I guess they are afraid of him,” Henderson said, but claims her dog is harmless.

She also says she’s had problems with the officer who shot her dog.

“I’ve called Pittsburgh police about it made complaints on him already and then here he is shooting my dog today,” she said.

Pittsburgh police reported they have no record of Henderson making complaints against the officer.