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Off-duty police officer facing charges for crashing into parked cars

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police say a Harmony Township officer was driving under the influence when he crashed into cars on the North Shore.

The 41-year-old police sergeant is second in command at the Harmony Township Police Department in Beaver County.

Channel 11 has interviewed Jason Vular several times. Over the weekend, Pittsburgh police tell us they charged Vular with DUI.


​The police report states Vular was off-duty and went to a Pirates game Friday night.

He was leaving Tequila Cowboy, a North Shore bar, early Saturday morning, when officers say he drove into two parked cars.

Police say he admitted to having a few drinks and refused field sobriety tests.

Vular is one of four full-time officers in Harmony Township.

He was not arrested and will receive the DUI charge in the mail.