• Officers from across Allegheny County being trained to better handle domestic violence cases


    SHARPSBURG, Pa. - Domestic violence impacts so many people in the community – the victims, their families and the police who respond to a call for help.

    Officers from all over Allegheny County are getting trained by the Sharpsburg Police Department to better help themselves and victims when the time comes.

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    In Sharpsburg alone, police respond to 5-10 domestic calls each month. Officer Scott Bashioum was killed in Nov. 2016 while responding to a domestic violence call.


    “You never know what you’re getting into,” said Sharpsburg police chief Tom Stelitano. “You don’t know what’s beyond those doors. In this day in age, sometimes we’re the target.”

    One part of the training from the district attorney’s office was how to handle new requirements with PFAs and weapons. Since April, people served with a PFA have 24 hours to turn over their weapons to police.

    On Thursday, officers learned about a survey to give victims on the spot. If they show any indication that they are in danger, that officer will call a domestic violence agency immediately.

    The Kiski Area Hope Center is also giving officers resources and creating partnerships to help more domestic violence victims.


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