Officials announce multimillion-dollar plan to revitalize Aliquippa

The mayor of Aliquippa was overcome with emotion after learning the state is investing big in his community.

"This is not a resurrection project this is a renaissance - this is a renaissance," Mayor Dwan Walker said.

Alliquippa's mayor sounded like he was behind a pulpit instead of a podium Friday when he announced a new multimillion-dollar project to address blight in his economically troubled town.


Channel 11 was in Aliquippa Friday when the secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development outlined the six-year multimillion-dollar plan to buy, then demolish, 18 houses and commercial buildings on Franklin Avenue in order to create new housing and businesses.

Judging by the tears shed by Aliquippa's mayor, the project aimed at revitalizing the community was personal

"I love the people. I feed off the people. I don't know how to operate on that glass is half full. If you say it ain't right, I'm going to tell you we are going to make it better," Walker said.