Ohio man to get $2.75M after Pittsburgh VA procedure leads to foot amputation

PITTSBURGH — An Ohio man is set to receive $2.75 million from the federal government after a surgery at the Pittsburgh VA facility led to the amputation of his leg.

According to our partners at TribLive.com, Darwin Gurto, 58, of Pierpoint, Ohio, went to the VA’s Podiatry Clinic in February 2015 for left ankle pain. About 10 days later, he had a left ankle and mid-foot fusion procedure by Dr. Scanlan, a podiatrist.

Over the next few months, Gurto returned to Scanlan and complained of pain in his lower left leg. He then saw a different doctor in September who told him his ankle was improperly fused, causing issues when he walked.

Gurto had an additional left ankle fusion in March 2016. After taking opioids for several months, he went to the Cleveland VA hospital for treatment. There was an infection in a wound and the removal of a bone stimulator after which Gurto had his leg amputated below the knee.

Court documents said his total costs are nearly $1 million so far.

Documents said the government agreed to an all-cash settlement.