Church festival canceled because of 'disturbing letter'

Church festival canceled because of 'disturbing letter'

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — An Allegheny County church has canceled its annual festival because of a disturbing message.

According to a news release from the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, Our Lady of Grace parish in Scott Township received a handwritten letter in late July that read, in part, "Cancel August 14-17 Festival Security Problem is Huge."

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On Tuesday, the festival for the upcoming week was canceled, even though there was no direct threat. With recent mass shootings, organizers did not want to take the risk.

"It's heartbreaking and heartbreaking for the whole community," Pastor Dave Bonnar said. "In 31 years of being a priest, this is one of the saddest moments I have incurred."

The sender still hasn't been identified.

The diocese released a statement:

"The loss of income to Our Lady of Grace Parish and School, and to vendors who were scheduled to work at the festival, pales in comparison to the loss of lives in Dayton, El Paso, Squirrel Hill and too many other places. The diocese supports the decision to not risk becoming another name in that tragic litany, but we mourn the loss of carefree community that should be the hallmark of these joyous events."