Pa. lawmakers seek input on ballot issues as election draws near

Lawmakers discuss issues facing voters ahead of November election

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Lawmakers in Harrisburg on Thursday discussed several challenges Pennsylvania is facing prior to the November election.

The House Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing as part of an effort to increase transparency regarding voting issues.

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The counting of mail-in ballots was a focus of the hearing.

In order to meet the expected surge in votes cast by mail, a national election task force was formed with the U.S. Postal Service to make sure every ballot is delivered on time.

“I am tasked with having one member from 38 facilities to canvass each facility and, by that, I mean each individual post office. They are to report to me every night to make sure there is not one ballot left in that post office,” said Joe Rodgers from the National Association of Letter Carriers.

State officials are also warning voters to avoid sending in so-called “naked” ballots.

“In order for your vote to count, you need two envelopes. You need the inner secrecy envelope and the outer envelope with your voter declaration on it,” said Department of State Secretary Kathy Boockvar.

Under Pennsylvania law, you have until Oct. 19 to register to vote and Oct. 27 to request a mail-in ballot.

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