• Paramedics revive dog with Narcan


    BELLEVUE, Pa. - Paramedics in Bellevue received an odd call over the radio.

    The Avalon Veterinary Hospital called requesting Narcan.

    "The vet's office had an unresponsive dog," Capt. Glenn Pritchard, with the Bellevue Volunteer Fire Company, said. "She said he was just sluggish and tired."

    Veterinarians told Channel 11 the dog got into its owner's prescribed methadone.

    The dog was near death, until they decided to try and give it Narcan.


    "They didn't have it on hand. It's something they don't see very often," Pritchard said. "We give Narcan to people every day."

    Within minutes of looking up the dosage for dogs, the drug worked.
    "It was amazing watching the dog go from unresponsive to being up and walking around and happy to see owners," Pritchard said.
    Both he and the vet's office say this should also be a warning for all pet owners with the drug epidemic growing in our community.
    Animals could find something on a trail during a walk or the sidewalk.



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