• Parents accused of waterboarding 12-year-old appear in court


    The Beaver County parents who Aliquippa police said admitted to waterboarding their 12-year-old daughter as a form of punishment were in court Monday. 

    Dion and Malisa Stevens both had lawyers and didn’t talk at the hearing.

    Aliquippa police told Channel 11 that when they filed charges in October, both parents admitted they had dragged their daughter downstairs, stuffed rags in her mouth, tied her to a chair and poured a bucket of cold water over her covered face.


    Police said the young girl screamed and panicked. Police said the parents admitted to the extreme discipline and said they saw it in a movie.

    In court, only their lawyers spoke and they admitted to nothing. 

    Malisa Stevens' attorney, Lee Rothman, said Stevens is devastated, loves her daughter and wants to have her child back. Both parents have had supervised visits with their 12-year-old daughter.


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