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Parents charged in underage drinking party

Police said it was a wild party and dozens of teenagers took off running when officers arrived.

Smith township police got a tip Saturday night about the large, underage party at this home on Pleasant Valley Road.

Police say 25 cars were parked outside and there was a strong odor of marijuana inside.


The homeowner told police he had nothing to say. His wife said it was their daughter's birthday party.

In the criminal complaint, police said 43 people were found in the basement. Thirty-two of them were under 18 years old and 25 of them were cited for underage drinking.

A girl was reported missing hours later by her mother and found knocking on doors, trying to get into an apartment building.

She was 2 1/2 miles from where the party took place and was not aware of her surroundings or how she ended up there.

Police also found a small marijuana growing system set up in the basement.

Both homeowners are facing numerous charges and police say more could come.