• Parents fed up with bus getting their kids to school after it's started


    PITTSBURGH - Parents in the Pittsburgh Public School district are at their wits end over their children's school bus.

    They told Channel 11 it's repeatedly late, even getting their kids to class after the first bell.

    "It’s frustrating because I’ve been late to work every Monday but once since the beginning of the school year," said Jessica Doran, one of several parents that are fed up with the school bus they claim is perpetually late.

    Their children attend the Environmental Charter School at Frick in Point Breeze.


    They catch the bus at Commercial and Homestead streets.

    Even though they attend a charter school, their bus service is through Pittsburgh Public Schools.

    The bus has been late so many times that several parents are forced to rely on one another for help.

    "It’s frustrating, it is," said Jessie Grattan, another parent. "I’ve had to leave Lilly with you guys several times or I would’ve been late for work."

    They all have called and emailed Pittsburgh Public Schools and the Transportation Department several times, but said they are getting the runaround.

    "All of the other moms who are at the bus stop are also calling and it’s just hard to get any feedback from anybody," said Andrea Short, a parent.

    Channel 11 contacted the Pittsburgh Public School district and got answers.

    According to the district, there is a shortage of available drivers statewide.

    “The administration team is working to gain efficiencies in transportation and are meeting to determine potential changes to bell schedules which would enable the District to tier bus routes for local transportation providers”  - Ebony Pugh



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