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Parents upset at substitute teacher's use of racial slur while reprimanding students

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — The father of a Gateway High School student is upset with the district after a substitute teacher allegedly used a racial slur while reprimanding a group of students.

The students were apparently using the word in the classroom.

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Dr. Christopher Conti said his son heard about the incident from other students.

"He was a little disturbed but I think the consensus among many students is that this isn’t surprising," Conti said.

After learning about what happened, Conti emailed school officials and got a response from the superintendent.


“The substitute teacher was reprimanding students in the classroom who were using the derogatory word. The teacher also began a conversation with the class on how the 'word' is unacceptable and will not be tolerated," the response said.

While he's thankful for the response, Conti said he still has concerns.

"We get communication in real time about lots of other things in the school district that are far less significant," he said.

The substitute teacher in question was immediately removed from the classroom and will not be back in the district, according to the superintendent.

"If it was significant enough for the teacher to be immediately removed from the classroom, and that students decided they wanted to communicate it to one another while class was going on, it probably should have been disclosed to the parents," Conti said.

Channel 11's Gabriella DeLuca has reached out to the school and the company that employs the teacher, but as of this point they have not responded.