Parents upset over location for proposed Penn Hills soccer fields

PENN HILLS, Pa. — Parents told Channel 11 they’re not upset about the project. Rather it’s the location for the proposed soccer fields that has them frustrated.

“There are going to be a lot of accidents down there,” said Larry Gent.

There’s a hairpin turn along Hunter Road in Penn Hills where a developer wants to turn 36 acres into soccer fields.

“People come around there. They look this and that way. And by the time you pull out, you’re almost hit. It’s terrible,” Gent said.

Penn Hills’ council unanimously approved the project and sent it to zoning. The developer said the fields are for the kids in the community. It will be complete with a concession stand, restrooms and 100 parking spaces. The developer said local clubs already want to move in.

People living nearby said there’s nothing safe about this project, however.

“Its just going to be a dangerous situation. Everyone has the same concerns. It’s terrible,” one neighbor said.

Others said the number of trucks needed for the project will just decimate their roads.

Public hearings are scheduled for neighbors to speak up. The fate of the project will be decided by the Planning Commission.