Parents upset Toys R Us orders canceled, company hasn't refunded money

Parents in the Pittsburgh area are upset after their Toys R Us orders were canceled because of a website glitch.

The toys were purchased with coupon codes that either should not have have been made public, or were flat-out frauds.

A Washington County mother claims the company still hasn't given her her money back.

When she called Toys R Us she says she was told the "codes" she entered were fraudulent.

"What I was saying was it wasn't fair. They honored some of them but as some point they were like there's so many. No, we're not going to honor all of them. I don't know if i believe they were fraudulent codes either."

The mother admitted she knew the company didn't intentionally publish those codes, but she figured she'd try her luck with them while they were active.

We're working to get a statement from Toys R Us on the issue.