PAT bus riders hold rally, demand lower bus fares

PAT bus riders hold rally, demand lower bus fares

PITTSBURGH — Port Authority bus riders rallied Friday against fare prices and demanding immediate changes lowering how much they must pay.

Dozens of people protested outside one of the busiest transit stops in Pittsburgh at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Wood Street downtown. It was all part of the “Fair Fares Rally.”

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With signs in hand that read “Buses are our Life Lines” and “Same Fares for Everyone,” Port Authority bus riders wanted their rally cry heard loud and clear.

Demonstrators said Port Authority officials need to lower bus fares so they aren't such a hit on people's wallets. They have three demands: eliminate the cash penalty, allow free transfers and cap fares.

The group dropped off a petition with more than 2,500 signatures to Port Authority CEO Katharine Eagan Kelleman. She weighed in and said transit is a human right and a civil right, and appreciates the passion of the people.

“We should be looking at the comprehensive plan. It’s our job to get folks where they need to go. It’s our job to fuel the economy." Kelleman said. "No press gimmick, no caving in on something which doesn’t help us in the long run.”

The current bus fare is $2.50 per ride with the connect card and $2.75 if you’re paying in cash.

“Me and my fellow handicappers and disabled people we have to dig into our pockets and fork out more money literally gotta take out a loan to ride a bus,” bus rider Ralph Williams said.