• Penn Hills students will see changes this coming school year


    PENN HILLS, Pa. - There will be a few big changes for students in the Penn Hills School District as they head back to the classroom on Sept. 4.

    Penn Hills High school students will have to show IDs when entering school this year.

    The superintendent told our partners at TribLIVE the change is in response to two incidents last year where students let in two students who weren’t part of the district.

    The district says the IDs will be handed out on the second day of school and won’t cost anything for families.


    Elementary and middle school students enrolled in the Penn Hills School District will be provided with breakfast and lunch free of charge for the 2018-2019 school year, school officials said.

    All students enrolled at Penn Hills Elementary and Linton Middle School were approved to receive the free meals regardless of income, school officials said.

    That means Linton families will save $3.80 per child each day. Penn Hills Elementary families will save $3.55 per child each day.

    These meal benefits also apply to cyber students enrolled in the CHIEFS Academy.


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