• Penn Township police on alert after man goes on porch of home


    PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Penn Township police are on alert after a daytime burglary and a separate strange incident that was caught on camera.

    Emily Michaels-Quinn was inside her home with her kids and didn’t even know someone was at her door. But her doorbell camera did.

    A man standing on the porch looked at the camera, "says a few choice words and kind of turns around and runs back to his car and gets in and backs out our driveway," Michaels-Quinn said.


    Her husband got the alert and told her a man was outside of their house on Harrison City Export Road, but as you can see in the video, he caught himself on camera first.

    “We actually went back and looked at our other camera footage and noticed that he drove up and down our street two or three times before he came back and pulled in the driveway. We live on a busy street but it was within two minutes (that) he went by three different times," Michaels-Quinn said.

    The Quinn’s aren’t sure what his intentions were but they called police and reported it.


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