Pennsylvania state lawmaker to introduce bill to eliminate Daylight Saving Time

VIDEO: Proposed bill to eliminate Daylight Saving Time

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker plans to introduce legislation to eliminate Daylight Saving Time.

The bill would place Pennsylvania permanently on Eastern Standard Time.

"In the near future I will be introducing legislation to permanently place Pennsylvania on Eastern Standard Time and end the outdated ritual of 'springing forward and falling back.' Daylight Saving Time (DST), launched during World War I as an attempt to save energy, has outlived its usefulness," Diamond wrote in a memorandum to House members.

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Rep. Russ Diamond, who is introducing the bill, says there are more negative side effects from changing clocks than benefits.

He cites research saying car crashes, workplace injuries, heart attacks, strokes, cluster headaches, miscarriages, depression and suicide all increase in the weeks following clock changes.