Contractor for Pine Township accused of building illegal road through North Park

Contractor accused of cutting illegal road through North Park adding to drainage problems for neighbors

A property owner wants action after he says a contractor hired by Pine Township cut a road through North Park to fix a problem on his property.

“They told me that the work was done correctly and everything was was good,” Evan Garson said.

But a walk through Garson‘s backyard these days is a noisy wet one.

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Garson said shortly after moving in two years ago, he noticed a stormwater detention pond in his backyard was, as he says, turning his backyard into a swamp.

After he notified the township officials, they sent a contractor to fix the problem. But Garson says the work made for more problems.

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The contractor the township hired cut a road through North Park property to move their equipment to and from the pond on Garson’s land, But after a park ranger noticed the road, the director of Allegheny County Parks stepped in and made the contractor pay for damages including the cost of replacing several trees cut down.

“It’s concerning to hear that the board of supervisors of the township was kept in the dark about what was happening. Now that they are aware of the EPA violations on the work on the pond and the property damage to the five affected properties we’re hopeful they’ll do the right thing,” Garson said.

And Garson shared the EPA’s report with us on Monday which says there was:

  • Failure to maintain post-construction stormwater management
  • Failure to provide permanent stabilization of the earth disturbance site
  • And sediment or other pollution was discharged into the waters of the Commonwealth

Initially, township officials told Garson the work was done according to code. So, on Monday we took the EPA report to the township to get a response.

The township supervisor said this is a matter being handled by their lawyers and could not comment.

Garson said he hopes the township will address the issues and do the right think at next week’s board meeting on Jan. 21.

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