Neighbor talks about shooting pit bull as it attacked girl

PITTSBURGH — A pit bull attacked a teenage girl Thursday in Lincoln-Lemington, forcing a neighbor to shoot and kill it.

Police told Channel 11 it was a brutal attack at a home in the 6000 block of Dean Street.

"I was in the shower, I hear screaming, this little girl was screaming for dear life," said Marcenia Massey. "That dog was like on top of her body like really mauling her, she was screaming for minutes."

The 15-year-old victim was going to visit a friend, and when the friend opened the door, the dog charged out and knocked the victim down.


The girl's friend began to yell for help.

"As I'm thinking about going to my car and go get my protection, I see another woman walking up with hers and she shot the dog and laid him down," said James Bowens, who witnessed it.

"I seen a dog on top of one little girl, so I grabbed my gun, ran outside. When I got to her the dog was literally mauling her. She was bleeding everywhere, she had all these holes on her arm," Massey said.

Massey fired a warning shot and said it was enough for the girl to break free, but she said the dog went back for more.

"When he went to go jump at her again, I just shot him with a gun. I didn't think twice about it," Massey said. "It could've been my dog and I would've shot my dog just because I'm a mom. I'm not no hero, I'm somebody's mother."

Massey shot the dog twice after it had bitten the girl on the arm, police said. Other neighbors told Channel 11 they never saw the dog out.

Police told Channel 11 no one will be charged.

The victim was taken to Children's Hospital and is in stable condition.