Pitt planning to bring back students for in-person classes, on-campus living in fall

PITTSBURGH — The University of Pittsburgh is planning to bring back students for in-person classes and on-campus living in the fall.

The plans were announced Thursday in a letter to students, faculty and staff, though Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher stressed that they could change.

“Vaccination rates are increasing, and based on projections, we expect that sufficient numbers of people will be vaccinated by the end of the summer to significantly reduce the transmission of this virus. Therefore, we are basing our planning for the fall on the expectation that we will be approaching pre-COVID-19 conditions,” Gallagher wrote in the letter.

The planned return to in-person instruction would be for the majority of the university’s classes.

Health and safety measures will be followed as students go back to classes, as well as the “full range” of on-campus living, learning and research opportunities.

In the meantime, emphasis is being placed on reducing the spread of infection on campus through the use of face masks and physical distancing.