Pitt says those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can ditch masks outside, no longer need to socially distance

PITTSBURGH — The University of Pittsburgh said Friday people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will no longer need to wear a mask outdoors on campus starting Monday, June 7.

Everyone must continue to wear face coverings inside campus buildings.

Physical distancing is no longer required for those who are vaccinated, according to a tweet by the university.

Wearing a face covering is not a signal of vaccination status, university officials reminded students.

“Some people will continue to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status as a matter of individual preference and comfort. Please have patience for yourself and for others as we navigate these changes,” the university said.

Back in March, the university issued a “shelter in place order” after a spike in cases. By April, officials at Pitt continued to sound the alarm after COVID-19 cases were reported “at similar levels to where they were in November before students went home.”

Last month, Pitt’s elected body approved a resolution that calls for all students to get vaccinated before returning to campus. It would need to be approved by university officials.