Pittsburgh City Council passes ‘Black Pittsburgh Matters’ bill aimed at diversity, inclusion

Pittsburgh City Council passes bill aimed at bridging racial divide

PITTSBURGH — After months of demanding racial equality in the U.S., Pittsburgh city council took a major step in the city in declaring that “Black Pittsburgh Matters.”

In a unanimous vote, city council passed the legislation Tuesday morning -- which is aimed at investing in Black communities and closing the racial divide.

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“If we believe Black lives matter ... if we believe that racism has to be extinguished, the first step is to get rid of the effects of racism,” said councilman Rev. Ricky Burgess. “Overdue is an understatement. This is the moral obligation of our country and specifically the moral obligation of our city.”

According to Burgess, the first step is turning around historically Black business districts, such as Homewood and the Hill District.

The bill included a five-point platform for improving conditions of African American residents. The bill would require the city of offer violence prevention, social service, workforce development programs, low-income housing and economic development opportunities, according to our news partners at TribLIVE.

Burgess told Channel 11 that reexamining the budget will be necessary.

So far, there is not word on how much money will be invested.

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