Another one: FBI releases picture of 4th 'armed and dangerous' suspect

Another one: FBI releases picture of 4th 'armed and dangerous' suspect

PITTSBURGH — The U.S. Attorneys Office in Pittsburgh has announced that a federal grand jury has indicted three separate, but related, indictments for 33 people in the Pittsburgh area.

All of the crimes involve narcotics trafficking and firearm possession, according to a news release.

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  • Howard McFadden, 29, of Turtle Creek, PA
  • James Wells, 31, of Braddock, PA
  • Donald Singleton, 47, of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Richard Coto-Wheat, 26, of Duquesne, PA
  • Jaymare Jackson, 29, of Braddock, PA
  • Dorian Boyd, 24, of Braddock, PA
  • Delbert Pate, 26, of Duquesne, PA
  • Michael Rose, 27, of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Reginald Brown, 29, of East Pittsburgh, PA
  • Kreg Williams, 29, of Duquesne, PA
  • Keenan Williams, 21, of Duquesne, PA
  • Rand Wolford, 31, of Braddock, PA
  • Marcel Sewell, 58, of Braddock, PA
  • Talen Holmes, 21, of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Rodney Dennard, 51, of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Bernard Wilkins, 56, of Irwin, PA
  • William Kalna, 50, of West Newton, PA
  • Justin Law, 30, of Wilkinsburg, PA
  • Tyrone Roilton, 28, of Braddock, PA
  • Lisamarie Ross, 35, of New Alexandria, PA
  • Travis Moore, 26, of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Thomas Dwyer, 42, of Homestead, PA
  • Gregory Luptak, 51, of North Huntington, PA
  • Paula DeBaker, 55, of Braddock, PA
  • Philip Matey, 53, of North Braddock, PA

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is still looking for Justin Law, James Wells, Delbert Pate and Michael Rose, who are all considered to be armed and dangerous.

If you know where they are, call your local police immediately or call the FBI Pittsburgh office at (412) 432-4000.

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According to the indictment, the people on the list conspired to possess and intended to distribute heroin, cocaine and crack.

In a second indictment, the following people are also accused of conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine and heroin.

  • Chadlin Leavy, 30, of Pittsburgh, PA (also charged in the third indictment)
  • Marvin Porter, 48, of Allison Park, PA
  • Damien Franklin, 26, of Verona, PA
  • Larry Dandridge, 24, of Monroeville, PA

A third indictment alleges these people conspired to possess and distribute marijuana.

  • Eric Vanderslice, 39, of Phoenixville, PA
  • Wayne Barker, 61, of West Mifflin, PA
  • William Barker, 63, of Upper St. Clair, PA
  • Jared Eck, 28, of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Chadlin Leavy, 30, of Pittsburgh, PA (also charged in the second indictment)