5 ducklings rescued from sewer in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Five duckling are now recovering at Humane Animal Rescue in Verona after being rescued from a sewer drain in Pittsburgh.

Chirping coming from the drain just outside Waterworks Cinemas caught the attention people Friday morning, and within minutes Animal Care and Control personnel were at the scene.

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Popcorn and whistling were used to get the first two ducklings into a net, but the third duckling was being stubborn.

With help from a passerby, the animal control officers put the two rescued ducklings in a cage and lowered that back into the sewer to try to get the third one out, and it was a success!

Thinking this rescue was a total success, the officers tried to reunite the ducklings with their mother. When she was nowhere to be found, they were taken to Humane Animal Rescue.

Several hours later, the officers were called back to the same sewer after more chirping was heard.
Two more ducklings were hiding in a different pipe, but quickly rescued.