'Bring the kids home': Grandparents of endangered infant plead for swift return

PITTSBURGH — It's been more than 24 hours since 7-week-old Ambrose Klingensmith was taken by his parents from UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and family members are hoping he's returned safely soon.

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Channel 11 has learned that his parents, 32-year-old Jeannette Funnen and 23-year-old Daemon Klingensmith, took off with him Thursday night after the hospital raised concerns he had been abused.

They also have Funnen's 3-year-old son Makias Palmer with them, investigators said.

The FBI is now involved, and as the search continues for the wanted parents, the infant's concerned grandparents are speaking out.

According to court documents, doctors saw bruises on the baby consistent with child abuse and called police.


However, Ambrose's grandparents told Channel 11 that Funnen and Klingensmith have been "massaging" the baby's belly to help him go to the bathroom and that they would never hurt their children.

The grandparents said the couple had every right to leave and stayed in town overnight, before taking off in a 2001 Buick Century with license plate LBD-6681.

Ambrose's grandparents said CYS was at their house Friday night to help them start the process of fostering both children. They are begging the couple to turn themselves in for the sake of their children.

"I don't want them to have to watch mommy and daddy taken away in cuffs," said Kimberly Klingensmith.

Family said Palmer is with the couple. He was in the care of CYS at one time but was returned to the mother.

They said Funnen is extremely paranoid her children will be taken away from her again, and it's possible she is in need of medication.