NRA files lawsuit to prevent Pittsburgh gun law from taking effect

PITTSBURGH — The National Rifle Association is trying to stop of the city of Pittsburgh from enforcing gun regulations.

Last week, the NRA filed a lawsuit claiming the recently approved gun ban violates state law. In it, the NRA seeks a permanent injunction to prevent the city from enforcing the ban until after the court cases are settled.

On Friday, dozens of people were turned away when they tried to file criminal complaints against Mayor Bill Peduto. The district attorney told Channel 11 he cannot approve private criminal complaints on the legislation until it takes effect in June.


The legislation -- which makes it illegal to load, brandish, display, discharge, point or otherwise use an assault weapon within the city -- passed a final Pittsburgh City Council vote 6-3 on April 2. One week later, Peduto signed the gun legislation.

The legislation was initially proposed in the wake of the Oct. 27, 2018 Tree of Life synagogue shooting.