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Pittsburgh gun legislation passes final City Council vote

PITTSBURGH — Controversial gun legislation passed a final Pittsburgh City Council vote Tuesday morning.

The legislation will make it illegal to load, brandish, display, discharge, point or otherwise use an an assault weapon within the city.

Council members voted 6-3 Tuesday to pass the legislation. Last week, the legislation passed an initial vote, which was also 6-3.

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“I think people are starting to change their minds and be more open to some sort of gun control,” Councilman Corey O’Conner, who spearheaded the legislation, said.

Ahead of the vote, members of the public were able to comment, and reaction was mixed once the legislation was passed.

The bill will now go to the desk of Mayor Bill Peduto, who is expected to sign it.


A proposal for the legislation was amended in late March to ban the "use" of assault weapons within city limits.

“Nobody, to our knowledge, has ever challenged the use of weapons. So, now we are taking it to the state, we are thinking outside the box to fight it on a different terminology,” O’Conner said at the time.

The legislation will also give courts the power to take weapons from people deemed to be a risk.

Gun rights supporters have said they plan to sue the city and file complaints against each council member.

An earlier version of this leglislation was included in the original version of this story. Initially, the wording of the leglislation would have made it "unlawful to manufacture, sell, purchase, transport, carry, store or otherwise hold in one’s possession an assault weapon within the City."