State lawmaker calls for Mayor Peduto's impeachment over gun bill

HARRISBURG — One state lawmaker is calling for Mayor Bill Peduto's impeachment over the gun control legislation he signed into law on Tuesday.

Rep. Daryll Metcalfe tweeted Tuesday, "I just asked our attorney to have a resolution drafted to IMPEACH the Mayor of Pittsburgh for his illegal gun control ordinances!"

Peduto responded, pointing out bills Metcalfe supported in the past that failed.


The gun control legislation has been highly controversial, with opponents already filing lawsuits. The legislation makes it illegal to load, brandish, display, discharge, point or otherwise use an assault weapon within the city.

“This is a serious and legitimate exercise in using the tools at our disposal to deal with a rogue mayor who thinks he's going to get away with breaking our law," Metcalfe said.

Council members voted 6-3 last week to pass the legislation.