Health department warns of new potential exposures from measles cases

Health department warns of new potential exposures from measles cases

PITTSBURGH — The Allegheny Health Department has released new information about possible situations where people might have been exposed to measles in the Pittsburgh area.

There are no new known cases, but health officials said the four people who were diagnosed last week may have exposed people at several additional locations.

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The National Aviary sent the following statement:

"The National Aviary was made aware of this potential exposure this morning. We have contacted every employee, volunteer and intern that we know to have been working the day the potential exposure occurred. All had been previously vaccinated. We have followed Health Department protocols and taken every measure to ensure the safety of our employees, volunteers, and visitors. This potential exposure affects only persons in the building during the isolated timeframe on April 28, and according to the Health Department, the risk is low for anyone that has been vaccinated or has previously had measles. There is also no ongoing risk to visitors to the National Aviary since the risk was isolated to that day and time. "

Previously, health officials said the only known possible exposures tied to these four individuals were at Pittsburgh International Airport on April 16 between 7:30 and 10 a.m. and at the Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Babcock Boulevard on May 1 between 2 and 5 p.m.

So far there are five known cases of measles in Allegheny County. The first case was announced on Tuesday, April 30 as an adult Allegheny County resident.

On Thursday, May 2, Allegheny County Health Department announced four new cases, all of whom were related. Those cases were two children and one adult who are visiting from overseas and one adult who is an Allegheny County resident.

Health officials said most people are not at risk because they have been immunized or have had measles. Those born before 1957 are considered to be immune.


If you'd like to contact the Allegheny County Health Department for any concerns, click HERE.

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