• Pittsburgh officer who exposed financial waste files motion for protective order


    PITTSBURGH - A Pittsburgh police officer who has filed a lawsuit against the city and the department alleging he was retaliated against for exposing financial waste has now filed a motion for a protective order.

    Souroth Chatterji’s lawsuit claimed he had been instructed by former Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay to audit the department’s use of an information technology system created by B-Three Solutions.

    The initial lawsuit claimed Chatterji was “retaliated against, harassed, intimidated and denied a promotion to sergeant” after he raised concerns about the contract with B-Three Solutions.

    In this new motion, Chatterji now says that Linda Barone, who was promoted by the director of the Department of Public Safety to assistant chief of administration, used her new role with the Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI) to interrogate Chatterji.

    Chatterji and his attorneys said they were concerned about OMI being used to “subvert the federal discovery process," but according to the new motion, Barone refused to issue any directive changing the office’s behavior.

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    The motion asks for the City of Pittsburgh and Barone to stop all communications with Chatterji and any other potential witnesses in the case.

    The attorneys are also asking for transcripts of all interviews that transpired.




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