Pittsburgh Pirates working with city and state leaders to get more fans inside venue

PITTSBURGH — Another sports team in the area is figuring out how to get more fans inside these gates to watch games in person. We’ve learned the Pittsburgh Pirates are the latest sports team working to get more people inside their sports venue.

Mayor Peduto told Channel that he’s been in talks with the Pirates.

“I have had conversations as late as last night with the Pittsburgh pirates about the same idea. If we can create areas where everyone has to show that they have been vaccinated, they believe that more people will want to attend the games.”

On Thursday afternoon, we got a response from the Pirates saying:

“We have been collaborating with the Governor’s office, Mayor Peduto, and other state and local health officials on the idea of vaccinated sections for some time now.”

Channel 11 told you earlier this week that the Pittsburgh Penguins announced that they asked the state to consider the option of having vaccinated and unvaccinated sections of PPG Paints Arena. Mayor Peduto said that these decisions wouldn’t be coming from the city.

“The guidance won’t be coming from the city. The city has absolutely no say over the health code of the state of PA, which is authorized and enforced by Allegheny County and the state.”

He also said our sports venues aren’t the only establishments trying to get more people inside — as we get closer to getting back to normal.

“Our restaurants understand the same thing. That vaccinations are good for business, that makes are good for business and if we want to see the return to normal happen quicker, then we need to make sure that those types of options are being made available.”

As for the Steelers, a spokesman said that we expect changes over the next few months to CDC guidelines and will continue to monitor those as we get closer to the start of our season.