Pittsburgh police, firefighters rescue 10 ducklings from sewer

Pittsburgh police, fire rescue 10 ducklings from sewer

PITTSBURGH — A mother duck quacked for help after her ducklings fell into a sewer along Kalida Drive in Larimer on Saturday morning.

Pittsburgh firefighters and police came to the rescue.

While mom watched, Pittsburgh police Officer Cassie Lee jumped into the sewer and rescued all 10 ducklings. Mom counted to make sure she had everyone and then walked away with her babies.

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This is the second day in a row ducklings were rescued from a sewer in Pittsburgh.

This morning around 10am, a mother duck quacked for help after her babies found themselves trapped in a sewer along Kalida Drive in Larimer. Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire and Pittsburgh Bureau of Police responded to assist. Under the watchful eye of mom, Officer Cassie Lee jumped into the sewer and gently rescued each of the 10 little ducklings. After counting to make sure all of her babies were accounted for, mama duck thanked the rescuers and went about her day. On to the next call... 🚔

Posted by Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Zone 5 on Saturday, June 15, 2019