• Pittsburgh police looking for 2 people who attacked man with autism


    PITTSBURGH - Police are looking for a male and female who attacked a 25-year-old man with autism this week in Sheraden. 

    According to investigators, the victim was hit in the head, then knocked to the ground. Nothing was taken from him. 

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    "He’s got a fat lip. A lump on the back of his head, contusions all over from the falls from when he was trying to get back up," the victim's mother said. 

    She tells Channel 11, she took her son to a hospital, where he was examined. Now, he’s terrified to ride the bus. 


    She said her son rides the bus to and from a special needs class in Oakland.

    Police tell Channel 11 a male and female followed him up a walkway to Hillsboro Street when the female hit him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. That's when the male joined in and hit him several times, then began laughing.

    "You sat there and laughed at my son. That’s humiliating and to think it’s a joke? I don’t think it’s a joke," the victim's mother said.

    It’s the second reported attack in Sheraden in the last week.

    There haven't been any arrests. Police said they are going to increase patrols in the Sheraden area after the recent attacks. 


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